Divorce Mediation FAQ About Finances

By Dan Blair, a marriage counselor and family counselor.

Here are some questions that need to be answered in the best financial interest of the family:

1. Have I consulted with an attorney and/or a tax accountant specializing in divorce so I understand my best options when filing for taxes?
2. Who will claim the children for dependent tax exemptions?
3. What is the value of the marital residence?
4. What is the value of any vehicles?
5. What are the values of all the bank accounts?
6. What are the values of the retirement accounts?
7. What is the value of stock options or other investments?
8. Are there any other bonuses or assets not accounted?
9. How much spousal support is needed?

What about the children?

One thought on “Divorce Mediation FAQ About Finances”

  1. hi this is my first post, im going thru a separation since may 10, its gtteing close to being over, thing is we all live under the one roof me her kids 10, and 8,im the one that will have to go, im terrified of that, and lots of other stuff too mutch to print, i need , help, thank you

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