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Sitting-Reading-Drinking-CoffeeBlair Counseling and Mediation works to provide tools to all ages that can be used to save relationships, manage depression or anxiety, and help children with behavioral concerns. We provide a respectful and understanding approach to addiction. We are certified to complete anger evaluations and anger management sessions for court. Our expert mediators aim to bring peace to marriages, families, divorces, and any other dispute. We can provide parenting coordination, co-parent counseling and supervised visitations.

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Day, Evening and Weekend Hours:

Monday through Thursday:
10 am to 10 pm

Friday and Saturday:
10 to 6 pm

Available for Workshops, Presentations, and Critical Incident Stress Debriefing

FAQ When Choosing a Counselor

Employment (Master’s or Doctoral Level)

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Blair Counseling uses evidence-based practices like cognitive-behavioral and solution-focused approaches to achieve a desirable outcome. Knowing that technique accounts for approximately 15% of a successful outcome, Blair Counseling focuses on the larger part of the formula. 70% of any successful outcome is attributed to the quality of relationship with the counselor and the client’s own abilities and resources.

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